The Future of Bacteria Supplements

The future of bacteria supplements is changing, and looking beyond gastrointestinal health. That's why we've created Probio7 Professionals, the first range that looks at targeted health concerns outside of digestive health.

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Probio7 Professionals is an online hub dedicated to keeping healthcare and medical professionals up to date with the latest science and research.

You will find a wide range of articles, guides and resources designed to help keep you informed on the latest developments.


“At the beginning, probiotics were more related with digestive health or gut health. Then we also saw they have effects on our immune system. But now the applications are being expanded so much. We are seeing that probiotics have metabolic effects and effects on the gut brain axis - this is very exciting area of research at the moment.”

Maria Rodriguez-Palmero Seuma
Medical Director at AB-Biotics, AB21 Manufacturer


There is more research coming out everyday which shows how important our gut microbiome is to our overall health. This research section is dedicated to all the research relating to the gut microbiome and probiotics.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re just starting out with research into the gut microbiome and probiotics, why don’t you start off with reading our most frequently asked questions.