Meet our Head of Nutrition

 Rebecca is an Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) and Head of Nutrition at Probio7.


Rebecca Traylen (ANutr)

Head of Nutrition

Rebecca started her journey at the University of Nottingham studying Biology where she became fascinated in the relationship between diet, health and disease. This led her to study a masters in Nutrition at the University of Surrey. 


Since studying at Surrey, Rebecca is now our resident nutritionist and is keen to raise awareness of the importance of gut health and how our resident bacteria can affect our health and well-being!

"When we think about health, many of us may overlook our gut microbiome. However, there is more research nearly every day that demonstrates how important our gut microbiome is for digestion, immunity, mood, skin, and sleep in every stage of life! I want to educate people on how important it is to look after your gut microbiome and how this can be achieved to improve our health."

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